Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2: Sammie Girl

Today we had to say "Goodbye" to mine & my sisters dog, Sammie.
We found out after Christmas that she had a large mass in her abdomen, she went downhill after that. It was very sad to see her go & it won't be the same to go to my moms & not have her greet me at the door. She'd get so excited to see certain people come over, she'd meet you at the door with her entire butt wagging, a smile on her face (it was most definitley a smile) & whining in excitement. I'm sure she's already reunited with her buddy Landan though!

We'll miss you "Bub"

Sammie girl, out in her last snow.


  1. I know its snowing in this pic but I see lots of orbs in it.

  2. I miss her not laying here beside me..She was one of a kind !